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Τραπέζι συγκόλλησης με νιτρωμένη επεξεργασία

  • Τραπέζι συγκόλλησης με νιτρίδιο

    Τραπέζι συγκόλλησης με νιτρίδιο

    nitrided Welding tables with High hardness, no rust, prevent welding slag sticking to the table surface Tables of the following sizes are in stock D 28 3D welding table 4000x2000x200mm 3000x2000x200mm 3000x1500x200mm 2000x1500x200mm 2400x1200x200mm 2000x1000x200mm 1500x1000x200mm 1200x1000x200mm 1000x1000x200mm 5000x2000x200mm 4000x2500x200mm 3000x2500x200mm 4000x1500x200mm 4000x1000x200mm 2500x1500x200mm 3000x1000x200mm 2500x1000x200mm 20. ..